Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our little family

Halloween 2010

Dadoo often asks, 'How's the little family?'...meaning Loxie, Buddy, Tristan & I :)

Race for the Cure 2010

One year ago I dropped Loxie off at the Canine Country Club for puppy daycare, and as I drove away down Highway 10 in front of Joe T Robinson school I saw this mini horse looking animal galloping with the flow of traffic east bound (the lane I'm in). So of course my animal loving self pulls over and not even thinking if this dog was aggressive or not...opened my door, and after he lovingly jumped onto the hood of my car with his front paws he jumps OVER me and plops down in the passenger seat like, 'Man, what took you so long?'. 

Come to find out...his owner had nine dogs and didn't want Buddy. Bluntly said he didn't want him back. At first I was so mad, but then realized how happy I actually was...We had a new baby! :)

That day Buddy joined Loxie, and they have been BFF's!

 (don't let Loxie's sweet lil grin fool ya...she is a CrAzYYYY pup!)

I'm a HUGE believe that things happen for a reason....about a week later Tristan and I started communicating, and about a week after that he met Buddy & Loxie. I truly believe that Buddy & Tristan were meant to be. I've never seen an animal more loving & excited to see its owner. Buddy literally lays on top of him whether its the couch, in bed...he just can't get close enough to his sweet Mama & Daddy :) Lol. 

We still don't really know how old Buddy is. Some days we think 2 or 3, others maybe 4 or so...we don't like to see how much gray hairs & beard he keeps growing....

 Happy One Year, Buddy! Happy you are in our lives :)

Latest conversation between Buddy & Tristan
Tris: Buddy,  look at those lil teeth. We can get you a braces or puppy retainer. They make those ya know....
Buddy: yeah
Tris: Straight teeth could help you when Loxie tries to bite your face. 
** all while Loxie chews on Buddy, and then decides to lick & bite all over Tristan

PS I DO realize that I am one of those people that post obscene amounts of pictures of their dogs~And I'm dang proud of it ;D

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